Ownership & Action.


Create and manage compliant web3 organizations that govern protocols, invest, fund causes, and more. Together.

Easily build and manage your own Club, Team, or DAO

Powered by Bitcoin

Leverage cryptos most secure, decentralized, and valuable network for security and capital. Native Bitcoin fundraising coming soon.

Decentralized, composable, and powerful

Execute voter approved on-chain proposals automatically, easily interact with and integrate other applications, and do almost anything an individual wallet can do.

Quick Legal Setup

Form a legal entity with a few clicks, generate form legal docs, and receive compliance assistance. Coming soon.


Membership gated DAOs to raise funds, govern, and take action. Perfect for investment DAOs, impact DAOs, service DAOs, and more.

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Multisig tool for working groups to manage assets and smart contracts. Perfect for companies, projects, subDAOs, and early DAOs progressively decentralizing.

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Permissionless DAOs to govern open communities and networks. Perfect for protocol DAOs, NFT communities, ecosystem DAOs, and more.

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